Furniture hire to sell my house? – What’s in it for me?

  • Sell your house for more

Research shows that houses that hire furniture to sell them achieve a higher price than non-staged houses. Property styling creates the emotional connection that buyers need in order to buy a house – create that in more than one potential buyer and you have yourself a bidding war.

  • Sell your house faster

Staged houses generally sell faster than non-staged ones. Employing a home stager to hire funiture to sell your house will get your home on the market faster and sold faster so that you can move on.

  • Reduce stress

Selling a house is a stressful business. Getting professional help to get your home market-ready and sold faster will reduce the chances of having to keep your home clean and tidy for weeks or months while your home is on the market. Hiring furniture to sell your house will ensure a beautiful and professionally put together look that will attract people online and get more people attending your open homes.

Why does home staging work?

  • People expect more.

Reality interior decorating shows have shown people how stylish homes can be. Presenting a stylish home for sale lets your potential buyers see exactly how wonderful it would be to live there. Furniture hire ensures that your home presents as well as it possibly can.

  • People are busy

Many buyers are time poor and want a move-in ready home. Showing buyers that they can move and live this stylish stress-free lifestyle themselves is what home staging can achieve.

  • People can’t see past your stuff

Most people have difficulty visualizing the potential of a house but are wowed when shown it. A cluttered, disorganized or empty room distracts them from this. Property styling/home staging shows them exactly how rooms can be used, how much space and storage there is and how gorgeous it can look. Most people don’t own a coordinated contemporary selection of furniture, so hiring furniture to sell your house is a fabulous way to achieve a look that people will want to pay more for.