Interview with our artist

One of the things that Look Home Staging prides itself on is the art that we use when styling our homes. Art is essential when styling homes and there is a glaringly obvious difference between mass produced art and the real deal. This is why Look Home Staging enlisted the help of local Brisbane artist, Susan Lhamo. We rent our art through Susan at the same rates that we would incur when renting with our designer discount rates through the furniture warehouse. This means that there is no added expense to our clients, but they benefit enormously with a classier end result. We believe, like in a job interview where one should dress for the job one wants, in staging, its essential to dress your home for the offers you want! Beautiful art is an important ingredient in this process. Today I have the pleasure of sharing an interview with the very talented Susan Lhamo.

Susan, when did you start painting?

I started painting when I was 17, at college, and majored in Painting and Drawing. I’d always been interested in drawing as a child and my parents encouraged me to be creative….so I’ve been making art all my life. I entered competitions when I was about 27, and became more prolific in my work after that, as I left the teaching profession and could spend more time on my own art practice.
 What inspires your work?
I’m inspired by nature, and finding a connection with the earth, both as a person and an artist. I love the natural world and lived very close to it in NSW. Walking in forests, on beaches, gardens and other natural environments is both inspiring and nurturing for my body and soul. My artistic style tends to be abstract, and I’ve had many artists as inspiration over the years. The Abstract expressionists from New York, (such as de Kooning), site specific artist Andy Goldsworthy, the great contemporary german artist Gerhard Richter, and Australian artist Aida Tomescu, have all been of interest to me over the years.
I like the viewer to experience memories or feelings when looking at my paintings so they can somehow feel a connection to the picture through their own experiences. At the moment I’m working on 2 new series of paintings; “Alchemy” ( about the idea of transforming hidden parts of our personalities, and bringing this to light) and “Remembrance” (which is about evoking memories and feelings through connection with images of various landscapes from my own personal experience). I also hope that my paintings remind people of the great gift we have in the natural world, and to work at preserving and protecting it.
 Where can people view and purchase your work?
 People can see my work online at , and they can purchase my work by contacting me through my website/blog . People can visit me at home here if they want to view specific paintings they’ve seen online and contacted me, or phoning on 32770683 or 0413980200. My work can be seen in various art shows around town for limited periods of time, throughout the year.
If you would like to style your home with beautiful art to help it attract the best offers, contact Heidi at Look Home Staging on 0405 838 707.