Not just for high end!

Real estate styling, home staging, property styling – there are quite a few terms floating around out there for what we do. There are also some rather unfortunate misconceptions. One of the major ones is that home staging is only appropriate for higher end properties. One agent mentioned to me recently that they only suggest staging for homes valued at $800,000 plus!

A large percentage of the homes I have staged have been under this price point, and in my opinion staging actually works even better for homes in the $350,000-$800,000 range. This is particularly true of apartments. Apartments are typically darker than houses and left vacant they are very lonely looking indeed. Being smaller, if left vacant it is difficult to imagine how exactly things will fit into them – and furnished rooms always look larger than unfurnished ones! If still occupied a lot of people try to live in an apartment, like they would in a house, with way too many possessions, which is also detrimental to the presentation of the home for sale, and inevitably, the final sales result

Beautifully styled spaces with colour coordinated artwork and accessories teamed with fashionable furniture look amazing and create a powerful emotional response in potential buyers. This powerful emotional response should not be underestimated. A real estate agent told me recently of the story of a couple who purchased a home that had been staged. As she was taking them to take possession of the home she reminded them that the furniture was hired and will no longer be there etc. When she took them inside the woman burst into tears. She was devastated by how it looked unfurnished and felt she had fallen in love with the styling and not the house! Whilst this is rather a sad story for the buyer, (although I think she went on to take the photos of the staged home and get help in furnishing it is a similar fashion) it does illustrate how powerful staging is!!! In this case the buyers would not have even made the purchase.

Another home I have staged recently is currently getting buyers enquiring whether they can purchase the furniture with the house. Just like a gift wrapped in newspaper and a gift wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon is ultimately the same gift, there is a different emotional response when you first look at them. With the biggest purchase that most people will ever make, you certainly want their emotional response to your home to be as good as it can possibly be. It can be the difference between your home lingering on the market for longer and achieving a great sales result, faster. With the average cost of staging a home being between $3,000 – $5,000 typically achieving $10,000 – 40,000 and sometimes more above asking, it is a worthwhile investment at any price point.

So if you would like professional help to style your Brisbane home for sale, call Heidi at Look Home Staging on 0405 838 707. For those with a limited budget, we also offer staging consultations – advice for presenting your home using your own possessions.