Show buyers how to use the ‘awkward bits’

Plenty of homes have ‘awkward bits’. Narrow spots at the top of stairs, oversized master bedrooms, or like my own home, unusual room-like spots, not closed off like a room but outside a bedroom and open to the kitchen area (sounds awkward right!) These ‘awkward bits’ can be at least distracting and at worst downright off-putting to buyers.

It is very important to show buyers how they can use these spaces. Oversized master bedrooms are made much more inviting when a rug, artwork, small table with books and a gorgeous occasional chair are added – voila – no longer awkwardly large┬ábut luxurious! In the case of my own home, the room that was not really a room, outside a bedroom and open to the kitchen, has proved to be a fabulous desk area for the kids to use. It is open to the home (handy for keeping an eye on their online activities) yet set apart enough to not be in the centre of everything. Setting this space up for sale like this takes all the awkwardness out of the equation for potential buyers.

And finally, the long narrow spot at the top of the stairs, the article in the Herald Sun (link below) shows some great images of this very problem. Furnishing them, rather than leaving them bare often reveals that they can be more usable than you’d imagine.

It is likely that you have become completely accustomed to your own home’s ‘awkward bits’ and no longer see them as such. Typically they get used for storing ‘stuff’ as it wasn’t immediately obvious how to use the space. This is where the talents of an experienced home stager are particularly useful. With fresh eyes and the buyers perspective in mind these spaces can be reinvented and made into positives rather than negative distractions.

So to get the best sales result for your home there needs to be attention to detail. Home staging (sometimes called property styling) offers this, and more. Like the Herald Sun article below mentions, the investment in home staging advice or hiring furniture to sell your house can add and extra 10% to your sale price. Call Heidi on 0405 838 707 and get started on the road to the best possible sales result for your home!