Staging – worth it or not?


This is the all important question!

So you have decided to sell your home…what next?

It’s decision time… which agent to choose, what kind of marketing to go for, what jobs need to be done and…where to start!!

Your home is generally your single largest asset and one that at sale time, gives you one opportunity only to maximise profits. And it’s an opportunity so many people miss due to lack of time and preparation, misinformation or just plain lack of information!

As the saying goes, “there’s no second chance for a first impression!”  To sell your home quickly and for top dollar, you want buyers to emotionally connect with the home immediately. This is achieved through excellent presentation which ensures they focus on the positives, enabling them to see themselves living there immediately.

So what is home staging?

Staging generally refers to the hiring of beautiful furniture art and accessories that are then professionally styled to make your home look it’s best. But home stagers also offer consultations, a great option if your budget is very limited. This is an in-home visit with a professional stylist who will give you advice about the interior and exterior of your home regarding what to store away, highlight, how to arrange furniture, paint colour options and much more. They can then quote on hiring a small or large amount of furniture for your home should you decide to.

So why stage?? Here are some compelling reasons.

Statistically, over 80% of staged properties sell at or above the asking price compared to non-staged houses in the same market.

Staged homes create greater buyer interest; get more people through your door and therefore, a higher number of potential bidders before or on auction day. Staged homes also photograph fabulously ensuring maximum impact on the net, and that’s what you want!

 Staged properties sell 30-50% faster and for 7 – 17% higher price, than non-staged properties in a similar market.

 Empty or over cluttered homes confuse buyers and make homes look uncared for. Home staging creates a model environment so people aren’t distracted and can focus on the positives.

Nine out of every ten people walking into an empty property have no imagination and cannot visualise the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer them. Don’t let an empty or overly cluttered home ruin your chances for a profitable and speedy sale.

 If your home doesn’t sell within those first critical weeks when there should be plenty of activity, interest and multiple offers, many agents will recommend a price “adjustment”. The cost of staging is generally significantly lower than a price reduction, which also hints at desperation.

Not making an investment in staging can impact significantly on your final sales result and really hurt you financially at a time where you could have gained so much! And remember, this lost opportunity is right out of your pocket, not your agent’s!

The savvy seller in today’s market will invest in staging from day one, eliminating unnecessary stress and uncertainty and the need for price reductions. An experienced home stager will come into your property with an unbiased eye, quickly identify the key features, assess how to improve the look and feel of the home and recommend an action plan to get the home sale-ready.

With this in mind, the question really is, why wouldn’t you have your home staged?

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