Investment properties

Home staging or property styling is often used to style owner occupied homes who are wanting to get the best possible price. Investment properties however, are sometimes overlooked. One reason I am told is that the owners are reluctant to lose rental income during the sales process. Another one is that it will be marketed as a rental property so there is no need to style it. Unfortunately bad presentation will generally result in a lower sales result for the property. Whether it is bought by an investor or a owner occupier, buyers still want to like the look of what they are buying and feel that it has been well looked after. Anything less, will attract lower offers.

I have styled quite a few ex-rentals and I always enjoy them because the change is so dramatic. Last week I styled a property that initially presented like this when you walked through the front door:


And post styling looked like this:


The master bedroom presented initially like this:


And after professional styling:


The home could have been left as is and sold as a rental property. It is a townhouse close to a university, shops, good schools – it has ‘investment’ written all over it. However I doubt it would have received 3 offers in the first week and been under contract in 10 days like this property was. Investment properties also need to be prepared well for sale to get the best possible sales result.

If you are looking to sell your investment property and would like some help with property styling to get the best possible result, give me a call, Heidi on 0405 838 707.