The Process

Preparing your home can feel like a daunting process. Many of us have precious little time up our sleeves and it is difficult to know where to start.

Look Home Staging start with advice. Not all clients know if they want to hire furniture, art and accessories. For most, it is an entirely new concept that can be difficult to get your head around. But armed with advice from professionals you are immediately in a position to make informed choices.

First step is to call Heidi on 0405 838 707. Tell her a little about your home and book in a consultation. Consultations involve a professional stylist coming to meet you at your home to discuss your options with you. All aspects of home presentation can be discussed at this time – Which interior items to display or store away, furniture layout, rubbish removal, repairs, updates (such as lighting, benchtops, shower screens etc.) things likely to net a good return on the investment. We also advise on exteriors, addressing things like paint options, rendering, fencing and landscaping.

We can use your things only, hire in some items (typically art and accessories) or hire a lot of items. Heidi will go through your options with you and give you an itemised quote if hiring is required. And there it is – you have made a start and are well on the way to achieving the best possible sales result for your property.